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Free Energy Audits and Improvement Rebates in the Phoenix Area

It’s not getting any cooler in the Phoenix valley. And it’s not getting cheaper to keep your home air-conditioned and comfortable. The cost of electricity has jumped more than 11% in just the past year alone.

The best way to lower that utility bill is to get your home in shape. Home energy upgrades can save you 5%-30% right away on your eclectic bill. 

Most homes can be sealed tighter to keep hot air out and cool air in. Ducting might be leaky. Insulation may have lost its effectiveness. Thermostats can be inefficient and AC units may be using more power than needed. 

Energy Audit to The Rescue

But how do you know what needs improvement and what doesn’t? That’s where an energy audit comes in. SRP (Salt River Project) can put you in touch with an approved contractor who will come out to your home and complete a detailed, diagnostic evaluation of all the places where your home is leaking cool air, and money. For free.

Using infrared imaging, blower door tests and years of expertise, a good contractor can find invisible drafts, leaks and hot spots.

fiberglass insulation contractor

Trained technicians will check for:

  • Air duct leakage
  • Ceiling and “hot spot” areas
  • Insulation effectiveness
  • Indoor air quality
  • Air conditioner performance

When the audit is complete you will be given a detailed analysis of upgrades that will have the most potential savings. 

And while energy audits can cost upfront money, SRP is currently offering instant rebates up to $100. For most situations that makes your audit cost-free.

Credits and Rebates to Cover Upgrade Costs

Now that you have a list of options to consider, you can factor in expenses. While these upgrades will certainly pay for themselves in the long run, the initial cost can be a concern.

Fortunately, SRP, the state of Arizona and the federal government offer a mix of tax credits and rebates which can take a huge bite out of your expenses.

SRP offers rebates for:

  • Shade screens ($.80/sq. ft.)
  • Solar water heaters ($.30/kWh of estimated first year energy savings)
  • Pool pumps ($100)
  • AC/Heating Units ($400-$800)
  • Duct sealing (up to $250)
  • Nest Thermostat ($75 electric bill credit)


The federal government offers credits and rebates for:

  • Solar water heaters (Up to 30% of cost less SRP incentive)
  • Solar electric (30% of cost, up to $500 per .5 kW)

Finally, the state of Arizona helps with:

  • Solar water heaters (25% of costs capped at $1,000)
  • Solar electric (25% up to $1,000)

Confusing? Don’t worry. Your contractor will be able to break down all the options for you and match available rebates with your upgrade needs. They are experts at combining the latest technology with the current financial incentives.

Who Is Eligible?

Current SRP residential electric customers who live in detached, single-family homes or apartments/condos are eligible. New construction and mobile homes are not eligible.

A BPI-certified (Building Performance Institute) contractor who is licensed in Arizona and is approved by the SRP Audit Program, must do the work.  

And because the work must meet EPA guidelines, you can rest assured that your indoor air-quality will be improved when the work is done.

So, breathe easy knowing that a cooler home is more affordable than you thought. Call SRP’s Home Energy Audit Program at (602) 274-6808 or go to https://www.srpnet.com/energy/rebates/HomeEnergyAudit.aspx to connect with a qualified contractor.

Lower energy bills are closer, cheaper and easier than ever. 

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