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Why is an energy-efficient renovation so important in Arizona?

Why is an energy-efficient renovation so important in Arizona?

Live in Phoenix long enough and you will experience what a 115-degree Fahrenheit day feels like. Climate experts are predicting 119-degree days in the coming decade or two.  In 2020 alone there were 145 days over 100 degrees.

Luckily, we have air-conditioning to make our lives comfortable here in the desert. But that comfort comes at a price. Homes that are improperly insulated in the Sonoran desert can see $400 electrical bills at the peak of summer.

There are many reasons to make your home more energy efficient. It’s good for the environment, it eases the burden of peak loads on local utilities during heat waves and it helps Phoenix meet greenhouse reduction goals. But the best reason is simply to save on your utility bill. 

By upgrading your insulation, you can be part of a win-win solution for yourself, the city and the planet.

How you can save money with an upgrade right away

Lowering your monthly energy bill is the most straightforward savings you can get. However, you need to choose the most cost-effective tool to make that happen.

Attic insulation to the rescue.

Adding, or replacing, your current attic insulation is the most profitable upgrade you can make. When you increase the R-value (insulation power) of your attic you’re doing two things at once. First, you are keeping the heat out of your home in the first place, providing a buffer from the pounding sun. Secondly, you are keeping your conditioned air from escaping to where it wants to-the roof. When done properly the attic is sealed to prevent the transfer of hot air in and cool air out.

When you upgrade your attic insulation the effect is immediate and obvious. You’re A/C unit will have to work less to keep a constant cool temperature and your energy bill will reflect that the next month.

There is also an array of local and state programs that incentivize insulation upgrades. With rebates, tax breaks, low-interest loans and discounts, the price of an upgrade can be cut in half.

Be sure to ask your contractor about options. They will be informed about the newest and best programs that apply to your situation.

Investing in future returns

When you upgrade your home, you are making a real financial investment in your future. Homes that can show high energy efficiency sell faster and for more money

For every $1.00 you spend on attic insulation now, you get $1.16 back when you sell your home. Spending $1,000 now will return $1,160 when you sell. Not too shabby for an investment that also saved you money during the years you owned the house.

If you want to get official, shoot for a “green certification” such as ENERGY STAR or LEED status for your home. When you combine appliance, insulation, and other upgrades you may qualify for one of these markers. Economist have shown that homes with a green label can sell for close to a 10% premium. A $200,000 selling price becomes a $220,000 price tag when you’re ready to move.

So do your part. Help ease the burden on the grid and the planet. But do it for yourself and for your future.  What helps us all can help your wallet. 

Call us today at 480-619-8837 for a free quote to see what programs you may qualify for and if an attic insulation upgrade makes sense.

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